Country or Region Cost Shipping Time (business days)
United States Shipping calculated at checkout 7-21
Germany, Spain, Australia, United Kingdom 7-21
Canada Shipping calculated at checkout 7-15
France 10-20
Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, Indonesia 7-15
India 10-25
Other countries 12-25
South Africa Shipping calculated at checkout 8-18
Morocco, Peru Shipping calculated checkout 12-25
Mexico Shipping calculated at checkout 15-25
Fiji Shipping calculated at checkout 12-25
Botswana, Malawi, Bolivia, Nigeria, Croatia, Macedonia, Mauritius, Costa Rica, Ecuador Shipping calculated at checkout 12-25
Brazil Shipping calculated at checkout 20-60
Uruguay Shipping calculated at checkout 12-25
Other Shipping Methods Country or Region Shipping Time (business days)
Priority Direct Mail United States 7-15
France, Germany, Spain, Australia, United Kingdom 7-15
Canada 7-15
Mexico 10-20
Expedited Shipping Canada, Ireland, Israel 4-10
India, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United States of America 3-7
No Shipping to Virgin Island, Puerto Rico 5-10

1.Shipping From Europe Warehouse to European countries: 3-6 business days.

2.You can choose your preferred shipping method on the Order Information page during the checkout process.

3.Note: Shipping times may be affected during public holidays as manufacturers and couriers will limit their operations during these times. Though this is unfortunately out of our control, we will try our best to improve on this issue.

4. Note: Once a tracking number has been attached to your order. It is the responsibility of the carrier to make an accurate delivery to address provide by customer. LMH Beauty is not liable for deliveries after tracking has been initiated by carrier. If a package is lost or miss delivered. Customer must filed a claim with the appropriate carrier for reimbursement of any monies spent.  We will assist you with this process.