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Mop and Bucket Wringer Set With Reusable Microfiber Cloth Pads

Mop and Bucket Wringer Set With Reusable Microfiber Cloth Pads

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360 Spin Mop with Bucket - Effortless Cleaning and Convenient Features

Automatic Rotary Washing and Drying
Introducing our 360 spin mop with Bucket, a revolutionary cleaning solution designed to simplify your cleaning routine. This self-cleaning magic spin mop features a round mop head that facilitates automatic rotating water dumping in the bucket, thanks to a clever structure inside the mop bar. Once the mop is fixed on the bucket, you can press the mop bar by pulling up and down, driving the mop head to rotate at high speed. This innovative design ensures effortless and efficient cleaning, allowing you to maintain a cleaner mop throughout your cleaning session.

Three-Layer Mop Bucket for Enhanced Cleaning

The 360 Rotating Clean Water Spin Mop is equipped with a three-layer mop bucket that enhances the cleaning process. The outermost layer features a roller squeeze dry and brush combing layer, while the middle layer holds clear water, and the bottom layer collects sewage. This three-layer design allows you to separate clean water from sewage, ensuring that the water used for cleaning remains uncontaminated. You can also add detergent to the clean water bucket separately, without worrying about dilution by sewage. This feature guarantees a cleaner mop with every rinse, providing you with a more hygienic cleaning experience.

Effortless Cleaning and Improved Hygiene

With the 360 Rotating Microfiber Spin Mop Bucket, the process of automatic mop cleaning becomes effortless and cleaner than hand washing. The top roller and brush inside the bucket help squeeze out water and remove hair and debris from the Easy Wring Spin Mop, eliminating the need to touch the wet and dirty mop with your hands. This not only saves you time and effort but also improves hygiene by minimizing contact with potentially dirty surfaces. Experience a more efficient and hygienic cleaning process with our self-cleaning mop and bucket.

Foldable Panel Design for Thorough Cleaning

The 360 Rotating Floor Spin Mop And Bucket Set With Wring System And Bucket is designed to offer versatility and convenience in your cleaning tasks. The mop head features a foldable panel that produces a horizontal edge, allowing you to clean straight corners without leaving any gaps. This makes it easier to clean the junction of walls and floors with precision. Additionally, the nano-grade mop material provides a larger contact area with the floor, ensuring effective cleaning in both dry and wet conditions. The use of microfiber mop cloth can make cleaning more thorough, and the microfiber cloth has stronger water absorption compared to traditional mop materials, which can quickly absorb sewage instead of pushing it around. The 360-degree swivel mop head and hanging mop bar enable you to reach under sofas and other low spaces effortlessly. Furthermore, the telescoping stainless steel mop bar can be adjusted from 115cm to 135cm, accommodating your preferred cleaning height and providing ergonomic comfort. In conclusion, our 360 Rotating Self-Spinning Mop with Bucket offers a convenient and efficient cleaning solution for your home. The automatic rotating water dumping feature ensures effortless cleaning, while the three-layer mop bucket enhances hygiene and prevents contamination. With the inclusion of a top roller and brush, this self-cleaning mop with spin and bucket eliminates the need for manual squeezing and keeps your hands away from dirty surfaces. The versatile design of the mop head and the adjustable telescoping mop bar add to its convenience, allowing for precise cleaning and comfortable usage. Upgrade your cleaning routine with our 360 Rotating mop with Bucket and experience the benefits of effortless cleaning and improved hygiene.
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