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Now you can choose which option is best for skin every day and have beautiful coverage. We carry a liquid serum that can be purchased with your mineral makeup. Just a few drops add to your powder give you more sheer coverage. This foundation is light and will not clog your pores. It comes off easily at the end of the day But, has all-day lasting power. 

Mineral makeup is good for all skin types, and that includes oily skin, as the natural minerals actually absorb oils. Generally, mineral foundations have a luminous finish due to the light-catching pigments used in the formulas.

The mineral makeup is an important cosmetic used to cover the small imperfections of the skin.  Mineral Foundation is also often used to protect the skin from outside elements such as the wind, cold temperatures or the sun. We offer various types of  Mineral foundations available in our store, and if you have mature skin it is very important to choose these cosmetics based on the particular necessities of your skin.

 Our Nutmeg Foundation(makeup) has a rich sandstone color and looks perfect on warm color skin tones.  It also works well as a bronzer for those with lighter tones and can be used as a matte eyeshadow. This foundation is good for people with lighter complexions.

Our Eggnog Foundation(makeup) - This foundation has golden ginger tones to it, it works well with warm undertones, it also works well as a pale matte beige eye shadow. This foundation is good for people with light to medium complexions. Our mineral foundation can be worn as a loose powder or as a liquid foundation. You get to control how much coverage you need.

Our Liquid Foundation Serum(makeup) - all-natural, vegan serum turns any of our loose powder foundations into a liquid foundation. Mix several drops of the liquid with some of the powder, mix and apply to face. If you want sheer coverage to add more liquid, if you are looking for more coverage, use less liquid. With this serum, you are in control of your foundation. Your skin is unique, some days it may be oily, others dry.

The best thing with mineral make up is how versatile it is. Many of our blushes work great as eye shadows. So you get more styling options. We also offer mineral make up foundations and eye shadows. Each of our mineral makeup products is hand ground and mixed in small batches. Our make up is never tested on animals!

We have a wide variety of wigs, synthetic and human hair.

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